North Vancouver Plumbing Services

Our expertise and quick response times save you time and money. Avoid additional damage by taking care of the problem now.

From annual maintenance to new construction and renovation plumbing needs, we work to keep all of our customers plumbing systems at peak performance.

Our services include:

Clogged Drains

When you consider the potential damage to your home or business caused by a clogged drain, the importance of annual maintenance becomes clear. Mud and debris can block drains or causes them to drain slow. This can be a particularly big problem in high rises, where floods can happen quickly.

Drain maintenance is often overlooked, but an important aspect of keeping your home dry and protected. We can set up a simple maintenance schedule for you to stay ahead of potential disasters from a clogged drain or sewer problem. If the toilet is overflowing there’s a good chance something was flushed that can’t get through. In some cases, you need a power auger or plumbing snake to pull out a stubborn blockage like a diaper, a small toy or paper towels. We find the weirdest things down those pipes.

Leak Repair

Your day just took a turn for the worse. There’s water where it shouldn’t be and you need to find out where it’s coming from… fast. Like detectives on the case, we have a long history of finding and fixing leaks, whether they’re from a leaky faucet, burst pipe or the rain is seeping in throughout the foundation causing a wet basement situation. Moisture in the basement can lead to serious problems like mold and fungus growth, which can cause health problems. Protect your home from excessive moisture and humidity before it becomes a threat.


We’ve all had a toilet that frustrates us. One where the water doesn’t stop running because the flapper is not sealed properly, or the type that never seems to flush everything completely. Aging toilets with crooked lids, a leaking floor seal or dated parts need to be replaced every so often. Buying a new flapper and tank parts every few years does the trick sometimes, but if you are thinking of replacing the old one, we can offer suggestions. One of the most popular toilets is the Toto toilet. If flushes completely using less water while looking good.

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Once we find the source of your problem, we can fix it. Sometimes the best option is as simple as replacing a section of pipe or flushing a drain.

Regardless of the solution, we come up with a solid plan of attack, follow that up with quick, efficient, high quality North Vancouver plumbing solution designed to last.

Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance schedule is cost-effective and a great way to avoid problems with your plumbing, hot water and heating systems.

With regular visits, we will keep everything up to date and in working order. We will also identify and fix partial drain blockages, leaks, and worn out parts of fixtures (such as supply lines feeding sinks and toilets).

Commercial Plumbing

Our company has experience working with numerous strata companies in Greater Vancouver. By sticking to a regular maintenance schedule that includes important steps such as changing air filters and adjusting fan belts on roof top units, testing pressure release valves, back flow testing, and checking operating pressures on booster pumps and heat exchangers, building managers and tenants can avoid costly repairs and the stress that comes from lengthy heating and water shutdowns.

On a smaller scale, home and condo owners can benefit from annual inspections of their kitchen and bathroom plumbing and fixtures, including drainage testing and looking for tell-tale signs of wear on their fixtures and supply lines, as well as their hot water tanks.

Water Pressure

Your municipality delivers potable water to your building through the water mains, and the maintenance of those mains is the city’s responsibility. However, some buildings experience low water pressure (at taps, boiler inputs and so on) and to remedy that we can install a booster pump. Others have problems with high water pressure, so a water pressure reducing valve is an important component.

There are many types of booster pumps on the market, but not all of them can be used at your location. Municipal regulations specify the type of booster that can be used. Its fittings and output pressure must exactly suit the system used by the municipality.

High Water Pressure

Many areas in the lower mainland have gravity fed water and in some cases, the pressure needs to be held back. Regulation gauges must be in place for these circumstances to hold back excessive pressure. These devices wear out over time and must be replaced. A simple check on your household water pressure reveals a problem and remedy. This is another case where a simple misunderstanding can be the cause of a major problem.

Plumbing manufacturers we use: American Standard, Duravit, Apollo Valves, Hansgrohe, Delta Faucet, Brizo.

Commercial Services

When a commercial space needs to be modified to meet the evolving needs of an existing tenant, or the immediate needs of a new tenant, we work with everyone involved to come up with the most effective way of changing the building’s piping, plumbing, hot water heating and natural gas systems (including all aspects of boiler installation, maintenance and repair).

We also develop cost saving annual maintenance schedules with our commercial customers, designed to keep all systems running smoothly, helping you avoid costly shut downs from plumbing or heating failures.

These maintenance schedules include:

  • Zone valve testing and replacement
  • Testing back flow preventers
  • Checking operating pressures on booster pumps and heat exchangers
  • Sump pump service, repair and replacement
  • Drain cleaning, ensuring there are no imminent blockages
  • Service and overhaul of Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s)

We also offer 24 hour emergency service to our commercial customers in the lower mainland.

We guarantee you will be happy with our response time, product knowledge and workmanship when we install a new appliance or fix and replace something in your home. Call today to talk to one of our licensed North Vancouver plumbers.