Vancouver Drain Cleaning Service

There are a number of drains that handle the flow of water out and away from the home. Drain cleaning services are an important task to schedule into your home maintenance routine. Internal piping directs everything to the drains which in turn end up in the city sewers. It is an integrated system that requires everything to work together. If something plugs up along the way problems occur. The most critical part of this system for building integrity is the perimeter drainage.

Sewer Connections

It’s easy to forget about the drains protecting your home. Drain are a crucial part of a building’s system for protection against water pooling and basement leaks, and building integrity. The ground around your house gets wet, especially here in the Lower Mainland.

Too much water in the ground puts excessive pressure on basement walls. It can find its way into your basement or crawl space, causing damage to furniture, stored goods, the flooring and walls of a finished basement, as well as to the foundation itself.

Water in Your Basement

If you notice your basement or crawl space getting wet, call us immediately! Water sitting in these areas is a problem and the longer you wait to get it fixed, the worse the damage will be.

The main sources of water seeping through foundations are:

  • Surface water
  • Groundwater in saturated soil
  • Backup from storm and sanitary sewers

We will figure out where the water is coming and repair it before it gets out of hand.

Clogged Drains Cleared

Drains can get plugged up from a number of sources. A clogged drain in the kitchen sink are usually caused by grease plugging everything up. In the bathroom, the shower drain usually fills with hair and can be annoying when the stall is filling with water. There are many other reasons a drain will stop flowing, and in many cases, a tool like a power snake or plumbing auger is needed to remove a stubborn blockage. Household drains need to be open and flowing freely so you can forget about them and live comfortably. When the drain backs-up and you can’t get it open again, call us for service. We will be glad to help out.

Sump Pumps

Many Vancouver homes have a sump pump. It’s usually tucked away in a basement corner, keeping the water from going over a certain level. When the sump pump fails you end up with water in the basement. Any home with a sump pump should have it checked every couple of years to ensure it is working correctly. If it is starting to fail you want to catch it before it becomes a problem. You don’t want to have to deal with a wet basement.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Problems

So cleaning your gutters each fall is important because it is another piece in your home drainage puzzle. Water running off the roof goes through the exterior drains and gets carried into the sewers. For this entire system to work properly all of the house drains need to be open and free of dirt, debris, toys, rodents, and anything else that could plug it up.

Drainage problems can be prevented with regular maintenance. We recommend having your drain system inspected and serviced every 3 – 5 years to ensure the structural integrity of your home. Regular maintenance is also an important selling feature when it is time to move.

We provide the following drain services:

  • Camera inspection
  • Hydro-Jet cleaning
  • Annual maintenance programs

Our team has the skill and tools needed to keep your drains in top condition. If you have any concerns regarding your home’s drain system, give us a call.